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Is it reasonable to charge a sample fee of 800 yuan for silver bracelets

time:2024-01-16 source:sznbone Views:

Q: I have a silver bracelet that needs to be sampled, but I need to sample two sizes. I have contacted several silver jewelry manufacturers for quotations, and they told me that they will charge a sampling fee of 800 yuan. One silver jewelry factory even charges a sampling fee of 1000 yuan. May I ask if this is the case

Is it reasonable?

Answer: Find a silver jewelry factory to make a sample. The silver jewelry factory will charge a certain sample fee based on the difficulty of the silver bracelet. Generally speaking, silver bracelet samples require very few sizes of 2. Usually, only the ring will require many sizes, each size

A separate mold needs to be made, and the cost of each mold is about 200 yuan. However, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, etc. usually only require one size, so the sample fee ranges from 300 to 800 yuan. Of course, silver bracelets also have a mold made

A few sizes, but like a ring, each size requires a mold. A silver bracelet needs to be sampled in two sizes, and it is very reasonable for the silver jewelry factory to charge you 800 yuan for sampling. Moreover, this 800 yuan is far from enough for the actual sampling of the silver bracelet

Of course, the silver jewelry factory is willing to bear the shortfall in order to place future orders.

Is the silver necklace priced at 19.9 yuan per piece in the live broadcast room real

Q: Yesterday, I watched a popular live streaming room for a while and happened to be explaining a silver necklace. A silver necklace weighing about 5 grams, with many small zircons embedded on it, was sold for 19.9 yuan in her live streaming room and even included free shipping to my home. I am very impressed