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Curious, is the 19.9 yuan per piece silver necklace real?

time:2024-01-17 source:sznbone Views:

Answer: Live streaming sales are a trend now, and many celebrities have also taken this path. However, I would like to remind everyone that in this era of relying on the internet, if you don't pay attention, it is easy to be deceived. Normally, the live broadcast room sells for 19.9 yuan per item

A silver necklace weighing 5 grams is definitely not a real silver necklace. Because at the current silver price of 5.0 yuan/gram, the cost of silver alone is 25 yuan, and the production costs and profits of silver jewelry manufacturers, as well as the commission for online celebrity sales, have not been calculated yet

A silver necklace priced at 19.9 yuan per piece is definitely not a real silver necklace, perhaps just an alloy necklace electroplated with a layer of silver. Therefore, consumers must ask customer service clearly when shopping online to avoid buying a bad silver necklace.