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    We have been specializing in producing silver and brass jewelry for 18 years,we are very professional and experienced OEM/ODM jewelry factory, supported many brands growing. We are confident that our experiences and profession can support you to grow your business. We value: Integrity and Customer satisfaction.

  • 02

    The full intergration of the production process allow us the processing steps from the drawing board, 3d design and printing, production and packing within our own facility under our strict control in the aspect of products production schedule and quality.

  • 03

    Our company and production facility are routinely audited and certified by ISO, SGC, BSCI,SA8000,B.V., Walmart and Disney and others.

  • 04

    Our materials and products are compliant with US PROP 65 regulations, EU REACH regulations, and are certified by SGS.

  • 05

    Laboratory in factory for quality control.

  • 06

    Our sourcing team has very close contact with the market and new materials/stones, we can provide you with the newest information and materials upon request. We can find the new colors and materials charts,and we will share with you the new technics to make the designs more creative and unique, to help you to develop more styles leading the trend !

  • 07

    We are experienced in developing/molding/sampling new collections with customers together.

  • 08
    Our jewelry designers can extend designs on existing collections or provide specific designs for projects.
  • 09
    Professional sales team and customer services team to ensure your satisfaction during and after sale and efficiency and proficiency in processing orders.
  • 10

    We can help you with design/procurement of packaging(jewelry box, marketing materials, posters, catalogs printing ,etc. ). We can also pack according to your requirements.

  • 11

    We have full system of shipping and logistics, we can pack and ship according to your requirements, can ship directly to your retail sales channels or shops or warehouses.

  • 12

    Competitive price from direct manufacturer !