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Why are more and more people wearing silver jewelry

time:2024-01-15 source:sznbone Views:

Q: I know that many years ago, everyone wore jewelry made of alloy, but now why are fewer and fewer people wearing alloy jewelry, and instead more and more people wearing silver jewelry? Why is this?

Answer: Compared with silver jewelry, alloy jewelry is not only cost-effective, but also not environmentally friendly, which can easily cause allergies when worn. Moreover, there is not only a price difference between alloy jewelry and silver jewelry, but also a very obvious production process

In comparison, alloy materials have rough workmanship, lower grade, and are mostly made of adhesive diamonds. Silver jewelry is exquisitely crafted and inlaid, resulting in a significant increase in grade. Therefore, whether it is for leisure holidays or participating in various parties, such as

Wearing a silver jewelry plated with platinum is enough to rival real platinum and will definitely add a lot of points to you. Silver jewelry manufacturers not only produce exquisite workmanship and novel styles, but also offer affordable prices, which is why more and more people prefer them