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According to gender: it can be divided into male and female rings, or children's rings.

By material: Common types include precious metal rings such as gold, platinum, silver, etc., as well as some ordinary metal rings such as copper, titanium steel, diamonds, etc. The gold ring has a golden appearance and is particularly luxurious, but in recent years, young people have not been very popular; Platinum rings give people a particularly natural and pure sense of comfort, with a strong skin friendly feeling. The comfort is overwhelming, and there is no need to worry about allergies. The appearance presents a strong sense of luster, which is often used to set diamonds; The silver ion in the silver ring itself has antibacterial effects, and long-term wearing of the silver ring can have the effect of disinfection and sterilization.

According to the shape, it can be divided into square rings, thread rings, text rings, etc. The square ring has a large opening and a strong three-dimensional pattern, usually made of gold above 18K, with the characteristics of high gold content and heavy weight; The thread ring is the most common and ordinary style, with a smooth and varied shape, suitable for a wide range of applications; The written precepts are engraved with various characters on the surface of the precepts, such as Fu, Lu, Shou, Ji, etc., to serve as auspiciousness.

According to function, it can be divided into wedding rings, decorative rings, and special significance rings. Wedding rings are usually used as tokens for the exchange of gifts between newlyweds at weddings; Decorative rings are mainly used to match clothing or as a personalized display; The special meaning ring is a customized ring designed to commemorate special events or express special emotions.

The above are some common classification methods for rings, hoping to be helpful to you.