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The origin of jewelry

time:2023-03-16 source:sznbone Views:

Jewelry originally refers to the ornaments worn by men and women on their heads. Later, when people think of jewellery, the first reaction is the ear ornaments, hair ornaments, necklaces, hand ornaments and so on worn by women.

In the early days, it specifically refers to the ornaments worn on the head. In China, jewelry was called “head and face” in old times, such as combs, hairpins, and crowns. For the full set of heads and faces in the Ming Dynasty, the definition of jewellery has been expanded, and other accessories are also called jewellery. The definition of this period is mainly based on the material: it refers to the accessories made of various rare and precious metal materials or precious jade materials, which are matched with clothing and play a decorative role.

With the development of technology, the raw materials of jewelry are no longer limited to those more precious materials. Ornaments made of organic materials and imitations are also generally called jewelry. Now we are talking about jewelry, usually include the following types.

Precious jewelry: made of precious metals, value preservation effect, exquisite workmanship;

Fashion jewelry: in line with fashion trends, emphasizing popularity. Use materials to break through the limitations of precious materials, and any material that can give full play to the design can be used. The production is not as exquisite as the precious stones. Relatively speaking, the cost is low, and there is more room for creative design.

In the 1980s, the production of jewelry began to move toward large-scale, group, and fashion. The trend of industrialization and globalization is becoming more and more obvious. In the past, the sales advantages dominated by famous teachers and masters are transitioning to a sales method based on operation and international chain sales. At the same time, Asian markets such as Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and China have grown rapidly. It is no longer a luxury for wealthy businessmen, but has become an ornament for people’s daily travel

To sum up: the fashion jewelry industry seems to have entered a golden age. Jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets are indeed developing rapidly.