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Stainless steel bracelet matching skills

time:2023-03-16 source:sznbone Views:

Different people will have different bracelet collocations depending on the shape of their wrists, the color of their skin, and the occasions they attend. Learn the matching skills, so that your temperament and fashion "forced style" can be improved by more than one step, and become the focus of attention on the spot.

First select the bracelet according to the shape of the wrist. The wrists that are suitable for wearing bracelets are slender and the bones are not obvious. Most bracelets will be suitable for this shape, so there is no need to choose a special style.

Wrists with obvious slender bones need to wear a basic bracelet to soften the shape of the wrist. For example, a bracelet made of simple pearls can soften the line of the wrist; wrists with less obvious bones and richer are suitable for wearing a wider bracelet , So that she will cover your richer wrist, this shape looks generous and simple; the wrist is round and the bones are obvious, suitable for wearing a more personalized bracelet, which can divert attention and let everyone pay more attention to you Bracelet.

Secondly, the bracelet can be matched according to the color of the skin.

Wearing a silver-white bracelet is very good if the skin is white, so that the skin can be lined whiter, there is a kind of dust-free temperament, and the advantage of whitening the skin is that it is suitable for wearing bracelets of any color; For yellow wrists, you can choose red or blue bracelets, which can be said to be more feminine; for wrists with darker skin, wear a bracelet that is similar to the skin color or particularly shiny; wrists with reddish skin are suitable for wearing. Bracelets with exaggerated colors, so other people's attention will be on the bracelet.