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What are the differences between engagement rings and wedding rings

time:2023-05-25 source:sznbone Views:

  The engagement is before, and the marriage is behind; engagement is a process before marriage, and marriage is a result after the engagement. Both are important. What is the difference between jewelry jewelry inlaid and machining processing rings and wedding rings? Let's take a look at the editor!

   Jewelry jewelry inlaid Customized processing engagement ring is a delineat, and the wedding ring represents a lifetime commitment. The significance of a wedding ring is more profound, more specific, and more specific, which can represent the love of boys. It is also the love token of couples with each other. The engagement ring is a ring that expresses the determination and commitment of boys. In terms of style, you can choose more fashionable rings as the engagement ring. Generally, it is inlaid with large carat diamonds. The wedding ring needs to be worn frequently. In terms of style, it is comfortable. It is simple and classic style. The inlaid diamonds should not be too large.