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Necklace matching, how to distinguish the size of the necklace in one second?

time:2023-03-15 source:sznbone Views:

In the season when the neck is exposed, 90% of girls will choose a necklace to wear. The materials are different, such as titanium steel, stainless steel, silver, gold, K gold, platinum, emerald, etc., and some non-mainstream ones, which are simply worn by the whole people. necklace. Although many people wear necklaces, not everyone wears necklaces. The editor of Hengdaxin jewelry teaches you to distinguish the length of the necklace in one second, which can be said to be the finishing touch in the overall collocation.

1. Necklace: The length of the Japanese Harajuku style + retro style is 12-13 inches, and the length of 30-33cm is called a short necklace.

TIPS: Friends with a slightly thicker neck are not suitable for wearing. Girls who like Japanese Harajuku and retro style can try it. Remember the little girl in "This Killer Is Not So Cold"? The thin neck is long and it is very suitable for wearing this kind of collar

2. Short necklace (clavicle chain): exquisite embellishment. The length is 14-16 inches, which is 35-40cm, and is called "short necklace". This is actually relatively common, and it is more suitable for thin or medium-sized friends to wear. Larger friends still do not recommend it, and it is not very coordinated.

TIPS: The length of the necklace hangs down just below the collarbone, in a circular arc shape, which will look more delicate and feminine. It can be worn for daily life and dinner!

3. Princess Necklace: The length of the refined face is 17-19 inches, which is 43-48cm, which is called "Princess Necklace".

TIPS: The princess-shaped necklace is very suitable for late summer and early autumn. It can be matched with a low collar and a more exaggerated neckline. Since it can modify the face, it is also very popular in Europe and the United States. The most important thing is to modify the face to make people look thinner!

4. Martini Necklace: The length of the elongated weapon is 20-24 inches, which is 50-60cm, which is called "martini necklace".

TIPS: The length that hangs above the chest is very suitable for friends with a short neck. It is also quite aura while modifying the body~

5. Opera-type necklace: a superb layered out. The length is 28-34 inches, which is 71-86cm, and it is called "opera necklace".

TIPS: In terms of wearing method, you can tie a knot at the neckline or above the chest. Now this kind of retro element is becoming a fashion. Of course, it can also be worn on top of necklaces of different lengths, and the rate of turning back is also very high.

6. Knotted necklace: a combination of elegance and individuality. The length is more than 45 inches, which is 114cm, and it is called a "knot-type necklace".