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K gold and jadeite match better

time:2023-05-24 source:sznbone Views:

  K gold is also a wide range of emerald inlaid raw materials. Its price is cheaper than diamonds, but the texture is not bad at all. First of all, let's take a look at what does K gold jadeite jewelry processing and customization mean?
  In the jewelry market, 18K gold is common, so we will have a "18K" or "750" mark on the bottom of certain accessories. Why is it not enough gold to use the Jade Jewelry Jewelry processing and customized jadeite inlaid? Is it to save money?
  of course not! Because the processing customization of K gold jade jewelry is a good material inlaid with gemstone. If you just look at the gold content, it must be a gold price of 24K than 18K, but the gold is easy to deform. Due to the high hardness of 18K gold, the processing fee naturally will naturally It is relatively high, so sometimes, the situation where 18K gold is more than 24K gold is normal.