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Identification of genuine and fake platinum jewelry

time:2023-09-18 source:sznbone Views:

True platinum jewelry is made of platinum metal. Platinum, also known as platinum, has a chemical symbol of Pt, a specific gravity of 21.45, and a Mohs hardness of 4.3. Compared to the three precious metals of the same volume, platinum, gold, and silver, platinum is the heaviest and the hardest in texture. Due to its limited natural reserves, difficult mining, and stable chemical properties, platinum is a more precious metal material than gold. Platinum jewelry has a delicate and slightly hard texture, which is not easy to wear and tear. The color is light gray white, with a light and elegant color. The luster is bright and long-lasting, and it is not black after long-term use. Real platinum jewelry has a signature on it, which is the main identification. The signature mainly includes the following contents:

One is the texture of jewelry. There are two types of texture instructions on platinum jewelry, some are English Pt, and some are Chinese "platinum";

The second is the composition of jewelry. If there is the word "99" on platinum jewelry, it means that the platinum content is 99%;

The third is the origin of jewelry. Enterprises producing jewelry in various regions have their own unique seals, which, like trademarks of other industrial products, are essential for the first piece of jewelry. Counterfeiting and forgery are not allowed, as they are not only the identification of producers but also consumers.

The main items that are easily confused with genuine platinum jewelry are stainless steel or silver jewelry. Stainless steel jewelry is now similar to platinum jewelry, with a gray white color and bright luster. But its white color is translucent with grayish black, shiny and fake, and it is not durable and easily worn out. Silver jewelry has a soft texture and is prone to wear and tear; It is lighter in weight and has a silver white color, which is whiter than platinum. It tends to turn black after prolonged use.

In addition, from the perspective of the stamp, stainless steel jewelry does not have a stamp or the stamp is blurry, and the stamp on silver jewelry is different from that on platinum jewelry.