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Identification of genuine and fake jadeite jewelry

time:2023-09-21 source:sznbone Views:

Emerald is rich in Asia. With its beautiful green color and fine texture, it is deeply loved by consumers in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macao, Japan and Chinese Mainland, and is regarded as the top grade of jewelry. In fact, there are several different colors of jade, such as white, red, black, etc. Of course, green jade is authentic. High quality jadeite presents a bright and bright green color, resembling a autumn stream. Jade is semi transparent or opaque, shiny and bright, with naturally formed irregular color blocks in green, known as color sources. There are small grains inside, either in the form of fibers, sheets, or stars, shining brightly. This is the jadeite's jadeite quality, which many imitations do not possess and is a sign of authenticity. There are many gemstones that are green in color, but the emerald color is a unique feature of jadeite. The entire piece of jadeite is rich and displays emerald color, with a unique charm.

Jade has a specific gravity of 3.3 and a hardness of 6.5-7. There are two types of fake jadeite, one is green low value gemstones, such as Australian jade, Henan jade, green agate, Dongling stone, etc; Another type is glass products. Among low value gemstones, Australian jade green is sparkling yellow, and the entire piece of jade has a uniform color, colorless shape, and no jadeite. Henan jade green is gray in color, uniform in color, without obvious color sources or shapes, with a specific gravity of 2.65, smaller than jade. The green color of Dongling Stone is dark, with a dotted shape and a glint like fish scales in the green. Green agate is artificially dyed agate, with a green to blue color that is uniform and consistent, without jadeite. The texture is oily and delicate, with a specific gravity of 2.65, which is smaller than jadeite. Green glass is matte and has a hardness of 5.5-6. Imprints cannot be made on the glass board, while jade can.