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Identification of Jewelry and Jade Articles

time:2023-09-20 source:sznbone Views:

The main products of jade in our country include "Southern Jade", "Henan Jade", "Shandong Jade" from Guangdong, and "Sheep Fat Jade" from Ili and Hotan in Xinjiang. Rare jade articles are often made from them.

The identification of jade mainly depends on whether the color is strong (rich), bright (bright), pretty (beautiful), pure (pure), and gentle (soft). If both of these characteristics are present, it is considered a top grade. On the contrary, if the jade is light (dull), dark (gloomy), old (dark), flower (impure), or slanted (uncoordinated), it is considered inferior. When purchasing jade, do not choose under strong lighting, as exposure to light can cause the jade to lose its original color and conceal its flaws, confusing the real with the fake. Choosing jade also requires learning to distinguish authenticity.

Common types of fake jade include plastic, glass, marble, and electrochrome. Plastic and marble are lighter and have lower hardness than jade; Colored glass with bubbles; Electric colored fake jade is a beautiful and dazzling emerald green surface coated on inferior jade, which may seem difficult to recognize at first glance. However, upon closer observation, electric colored fake jade often carries some "spider claws", namely small cracks with blue in the green.