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Dongguan jewelry factory tells you what are the three principles of jewelry deployment

time:2020-05-23 source:小编 Views:110

       In modern society, wearing jewelry can express people's aesthetics, spiritual styles and feelings of life. But how to choose the right jewelry is a piece of knowledge. Good jewelry deployment is like adding a lot to it. If it is not, it is counterproductive. Chang'an Kaqi Jewelry Factory sorts out the three principles of jewelry deployment for everyone. I hope you can choose the right jewelry for you.

   First, don't allocate too many hardware accessories. One or two pieces are delicate decoration and decoration, while more than three pieces are vulgar. Keep in mind that the jewelry is just a decoration, used to adjust the dress, making it more in line with the temperament you want to show.

DLT23-MAwps picture.jpg

   Second, the wearing of stainless steel jewelry should conform to its own temperament and characteristics. People with vivid characteristics and irritable temperament are generally not suitable for wearing bright red jewelry, which will strengthen the characteristic characteristics of "irritability". On the contrary, wearing cool jewelry will help the harmonious and balanced characteristics. The characteristics are cautious or more introverted and can wear bright colors, which is conducive to creating a more vivid and upward image.

   Third, wear jewelry should be combined with the surrounding environment. On grand occasions, you can wear bright colors and gorgeous and unique jewelry. In the more ordinary working environment during the day, you can wear some cool colors, elegant and simple cool jewelry.

  In addition to the above points, the characteristics of the wearer's skin color, face shape, clothing, hairstyle, etc. should be considered when wearing jewelry.