Business Manager  


1. Set and break down the business’ goal and help team successfully achieve it.

2. Conduct some product knowledge,platform use, sales skills, work attitude trainings to foreign group leader and salesman.

3. Follow up the “very important” customers personally.

4. With the trend of the market, discover the popular style, and send the feedback of latest market information to the design department or thesuperior department, in order to timely feedback all kinds of information and suggestions to the factory and relating departments which will be conductive tothe development of the company, and achieve continuous progress.

5. Regularly or irregularly analyze competitors to understand the market situation.

6. Recommendations on customer platforms or marketing directions.

7. Guide the group leader and backstage administrators to work better.

8. Continue to enhance the entire team's business capabilities and performance levels.

9. Set up the performance evaluation index, count and assess the superior’s performance.

10. Design and improve foreign trade processes and systems.

11. Organize the monthly meeting of the foreign trade department to find and solve problems in time.

12. Coordinate the cooperation between foreign trade departments and factoryor other departments, assist the factory to finish the qualified orders and ensure the timely delivery.

13. Continuous study and research foreign knowledge and other relevant knowledge, and impart the knowledge to the group leader and salesman.


1. Bachelor degree majored in marketing, international trade etc.

2. With more than 2 years brand operation, marketing and management working experiences.

3. Familiar with business etiquette and overseas distribution process, English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are superb.

4. Excellent communication skills, strong ability to work underpressure.

5. Familiar with google, bing, yahoo, yadex etc. international search platform’s promotion.

6. Know how to operate the international community marketing, e-mail marketing, website optimization, member marketing and other foreign trade promotion means.

7. Familiar with Alibaba, Made in China, Globalsources, Dhgate etc.domestic B2B foreign platforms or have the overseas distribution workingexperience and successful cases is preferred.

  Business Leader  


1. Set an example, high standards to complete the job responsibilities of the salesman.

2. Guide and assist sales staff to receive online consultation, develop customers, deal with inquiries, follow up customers.

3. Train the sales team members in business skills,product knowledge, platform and other aspects of training, and training with the company.

4. Familiar withyour team members’ customer conditions、personalconditions and work status.

5. Helping salesman to analyze important clients and difficult customers.

6. Encouraging salesman to achieve goals.

7. In charge of group leader’s seeking and maintaining  client.

8. Statistical and assess  the salesman's performance.

9. Organizing morning meetings, evening party and weekly meeting alternately, check and revamp the daily plan of group members.

10. Report your works to supervisor regularly.


1. Personal integrity is of great importance. Personal values and goals should be in line with the company vision, and willingness to develop and progress together with thecompany.

2. Have more than 1 year team management experience and 2 year foreign trade experience. (Experience in Jewelry will be considered first)

3. Have some experience in customer receiving and exhibition participation.

  Senior Sales  


1. Actively develop and deal with new customers.

2. Handling all kinds of inquires like email, inquires (from B2B, consulting on line, phonecall etc),and when needed, personally pay a visit to customer if necessary.

3. Follow up with contacted customers( included intentional customer,highly intentional customer,prospective customer, ordering customer, oldcustomer) and making the deal done; giving the customer a nice service,prompting new customers tobecome old customers and small customers into large customers.

4. Conducting regularly or irregularly analysis to know the competitor, market and product tendency,and report to your superiors to feedback the various and favorable information about company development to the factory and relative relevant department stimely.

5. All customer information and following up information must be entered into customer management system.

6. Making work plan according to the requirement like daily working list, weekly schedule, month-schedule), reporting your works, data and filling out the form.

7. Handle customer complaints, record and follow uporders to avoid customer complaints.

8. Actively study and participate in training, and actively cooperate with other relevant departments.

9. Carry out the promotion of the company's business / brand according to the plan.


1. Major inEnglish, fluent in oral and written communication with foreign customers (Level6 or above).

2. To develop the international market independently,with strong international business communication, negotiation skills.

3. Familiar with international B2B platform operation, more than 1 years experience inforeign trade.

4. Love foreign trade work, strong pressure resistance.

5. Self orientation, initiative, strong stability, good team spirit, strong execution.

6. Good communication skills, strong personality, quick thinking, strong sense of responsibility, good adaptability and ability to bear pressure.

  Sales Assitant  


1. Arrange and follow up the mass production order with factory.

2. Manage showroom samples(such as QC,arrange photograph, datainput)

3. Communicate with warehouse to prepare the goods and arrangethe shipment matters.

4. Communicate with production department about the orderrequirements and follow up the produce process ,ensure the delivery time be on time.

5. Arrange and follow up the samples order to external suppliers.

6. Type the product information into new OA system.

7. Apply for departmental budget.

8. Meeting record (weekly &monthly meeting)

9. Update inventory daily.

10. Check the integrity of department’s performance data statistics and make awards form    monthly.

11. Summary shipment data statistics monthly.

12. Summary production order status monthly.

13. Summary the related issues of sales and production order,further communication and follow-up.

14. Check current account with external suppliers.(samples toother factories and photographers)

15. Complete other things assigned by the leadership.


1. Age 21-25 years old,technical secondary school education or above.

2. English Skill CET4 orabove, skilled operation of Office software, familiar with the inquiry,quotation, place orders,shipments and the whole of foreign trade flow.

3. Can bear hardships andhard work,strong responsibility, meticulous andorganized.

 Jewelry designer 


1. In charge of designing foreign style for company, can finish designwork independently.

2. Have special view on jewelry products and featured products; youshould do well in communicating and cooperating with electric drawingmanual version personnel; you should be acquainted with the process of making jewelry, it will be better if you can participate in the process.

3. Need participate in jewelry exhibition and on business sometimes, you should master jewelry fashion and market trend.

4. Design suitable products according to client requirement.

5. Discuss the monthly new product plan, direction, idea,pattern, quantity etc with your superior leaders, and finish your design drawing.


1. Education background: Bachelor degree or above

2. Major: Majoring in design, art, or allied subjects.

3. Experience: Over three years'working experience in designing foreign style

4. Skill: Excellent ability of freehandsketching , operating software like PScoreldrawJewelryCAD,etc skillfully.

5. Other things: Possess team spiritcommunication、capabilityexpressive and executive ability, also you should have special view on European and Middle East markets.